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LOW BRAND philosophy LOW BRAND philosophy

NEWS | 17-04-2014 : 08:00 | Overview of news and events

LOW BRAND was conceived in 2008 after an idea of its founder, a young designer, heir to a long family tradition in fashion industry.

The idea is that clothing needs a change of direction, more attention to quality and less to the label, as described in the brand's slogan ''We make Clothes caring for their Quality and not their label'', re-build the modern man's wardrobe, where each item has its place but is never tied exclusively to a single season, a wardrobe made up of iconic items, always rigorous in their style, but still eclectic and easy to interpret.


The common denominator becomes the rigorous attention to quality, detail and the care in the creation of each single piece.

LOW BRAND is a modern hand-made laboratory with a proudly italian DNA, and with a surprisingly global thinking spirit.